Monday, August 25, 2008

I have recently returned from holiday with my family. I have not been great, but my black and filthy sense of humour seems to be resurfacing which is a good sign. However, thoughts becoming increasingly difficult to manage, and I know that without the medication induced sleep I'm getting I would be psychotic before you could say, " Fuck it -I will have that extra Quetiapine before I go mad as a box of frogs".

I was warned this could happen, but I thought it would be fine because I was hypomanic at the time. I bloody wish the fluoxetine had been left alone until the lamotrigine got up to a therapetic dose though. My CPN has been advising me for the last 5 weeks to take some time off from work, but I've continued (with exception of annual leave) because going off sick makes me feel shit. However, I think I'm going to take his advice now before things deterioate further.

On a positive note the fact that my lovely acronym FOFOY (Fuck of and Find Out Yourself) that was the entire ethos and basis of my nurse training has been so well thought of by fellow bloggers has cheered me up a lot.

Which is nice.


Seratonin said...

I was wondering how you was getting on.Glad to see you back.Good luck with taking the time off.

A Truly Registered Mental Nurse said...

thanks alot -how are you doing? x

Prozac said...

Why go for FUKITOL, when good old Prozac still works so godamn effectively.

Apart from the ol' libido thang that is.